CNC Machining Centers

120"x71"x23"AWEA 3018 Horizontal Mill

100"x50"x30"AWEA 2012 Bridge Mill

158"x83"x30"OKK VM5 Vertical Mill

86"x55"x40"Mitsubishi MV70E Vertical Mill

110"x60"x40"AWEA VP2012

40"x20"x20"OKK VM5 Vertical Mill

50"x28"x26"Mitsubishi MV70C Vertical Mill

50"x28"x26"Mitsubishi MV70EN Vertical Mill

60"x30"x26"OKK VM7 Vertical Mill

86"x55"x40"Mitsubishi MVS14 Vertical Bridge Mill








Additional Equipment

Creaform HandySCAN 700

A layout machine that produces 3D models in Creaform format.

72"x144"Flow Waterjet

Our Flow Waterjet is capable of cutting from the hardest steels like tungsten to stone, wood, plastics, and rubber.  Able to cut thin materials down to 0.03” up to 12” thick.  At 62,000 psi, the waterjet can cut a zero taper high quality edge holding a tolerance of +/- 0.005

Brown and Sharp Layout Machine

6-Axis ROMER multi gage portable CMM Arm

Have old patterns that need to be modeled? Now American Pattern & CNC Works Inc. can digitize your older or out of production patterns with our six-Axis ROMER multi gage portable CMM Arm, freeing up critical space in your storage facility.