Sand Molding

Step Three


No-bake Sand molding & core making

American Pattern and CNC Works no bake molding shop offers the most up to date technology and resin systems running every day.  We calibrate our mixers every week to ensure proper sand to chemical ratios to produce the proper tensile mold strengths.   Our shop offers 3 no bake molding lines along with a single core blowing station.  We also have off -line core making stations.

  • We can pour castings that range from 1 lb. to 2,000 lbs. and have an in-house chip and grind room to ensure quality and speed.
  • We have capabilities to produce hand packed air set sand molds and air set cores and core assemblies.
  • The size of the sand grain used is GFN 55.  We utilize a 3-part phenolic urethane chemical process for sand set up.
  • Coating/wash secondary process – we utilize both water base and alcohol base dip and spray coating/wash.
  • We also have access to 3D sand printing for molds and cores where it’s economically feasible versus standard sand and core making.

Sand Molding and Coremaking Equipment

1 – Tinker Omega TOM 550 No Bake mixer which is capable of 1,100lbs of sand a minute
2 – Tinker Omega TOM 350 No Bake mixer which is capable of 550lbs of sand a minute
1 – Tinker Omega No Bake core machine Blow it 25
1 – Quiptec Mold Manipulator capable of manipulating a 4,000lb mold with dimension of 85X70
4 – Chip and grind booths

Prototype casting Quality Reports

Depending on customers requirements for quality reports we will outsource to our appropriate suppliers for most all reports.  Upon request for quote, we can provide the following:

  • Metal certification identifying the cast metal composition and mechanical properties.
  • Raw casting layout using 3D scanning or conventional CMM/balloon drawing reports.
  • Soundness/Radiography reports-(X-ray) for ductile iron castings.
  • CMM Machined casting reports.

We can also supply Level 4 PPAP reports upon request containing the Part Submission Warrant, Soundness Report, Layout report-raw and/or machined and Metal Certification report.