Sand Molding

Step Three

American Pattern& CNC works No bake molding shop offers the most up to date technology and resins systems running every day. With our new technology we are able to calibrate our mixers every week to make sure we are getting the strongest tensile strength for our molds. Our shop offers 4 no bake molding lines along with 2 no bake core working areas. We are capable of pouring castings that range anywhere from 1 LB to 2,000LBS, and have capabilities to clean these casting with 4 new chip and grind booths where we can clean the castings to send out to our customers. Our goal in the no bake shop is to have a clean environment with a new state of the art air filtration system which allows our customers a clean environment to come and see their parts being made.


1-Tinker Omega TOM 550 No Bake mixer which is capable of 1,100lbs of sand a minute
2-Tinker Omega TOM 350 No Bake mixer which is capable of 550lbs of sand a minute

Phenolic-Urethane No-Bake resin which is Fairmont Minerals Alphathane NB 3 part system

1– Tinker Omega No Bake core machine Blow it 25
1-Quiptec Mold Manipulator capable of manipulating a 4,000lb mold with dimension of 85X70
4-chip and grind booths